Sweetheart Enduro
February 20th, 2005

This was the 13th annual SweetHeart Enduro.  Camp was next to Hwy 395, near El Mirage Dry Lake.  This event was hosted by Curtis Cram, Jeff Browne, Al Basler, and company.  Carol Browne and company hosted the Kid's Crafts.  Saturday's Beginner course was hosted by Al and Brian Basler, and company.  The Junior / Powder Puff course was hosted by Van Richardson, Larry Ensign, Dave Criswell, and company.  Since it was a holiday weekend, several families stayed over until Monday and hung out in the Grove's box trailer to do some bench racing.  Photos by Kory Beickel, Paula Scott, and Tim Moore

Camp Saturday afternoon.  It rained all morning Saturday, a couple of 5th Wheels got stuck, but everything cleared Saturday afternoon in time to run the Junior / Powder Puff and Beginner events.

Dave Criswell and Van Richardson mark cards during Saturday's Junior / Powder Puff event.

Jeff Browne, Richard Clark, and Shannon Smith man a check during Saturday's Beginner event.

The Scott family prepares to attack the Beginner course.

Start Line of the Beginner event.

Sunday morning, Annie Crawshaw~Gennette works the start of the Sweetheart Enduro.

Rod Lowell is style'n as he begins his day.

Danny Schul and Jeff "Tex" Sterling give a double show as they start the Enduro.  Danny went on to take 1st Masters and 1st Overall for the day.

Shannon Smith looks more at ease on one wheel than two ;-)

Tim Moore manages to get the KX500 to pop a wheelie, a rarity for these bikes I've heard ;-)

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