Santa's Last Knight Enduro
December 12th, 2004

This year's annual Christmas Party and Santa's Last Knight Enduro were held at Hodge Road (near Victorville).  The Knight family did an outstanding job at hosting the event, everyone had an awesome time.  Kid's Crafts, a visit from Santa, catered dinner, gift exchange, and a great course and Enduro, who could ask for morePhotos by Tim Moore.

Camp Saturday afternoon.  (Click on the picture above to open a full-size shot you can scroll across)

This year TWMC was able to rent a large tend to host the Kid's Crafts, Gift Exchange, and Christmas Dinner.  It was awesome!

TWMC's very own Santa (Red Williams) arrives to visit with all of the kids.  Looks like a few of his reindeer surrounding him ;-)

Thomas and Sean Moore get a gift from Santa.

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