4th annual Santa's Last Chance Enduro Enduro
December 3rd, 2006

This year's event was held at Charlie's Place.  TWMC purchased a large tent to host the Kid's Crafts, Christmas Party, annual Slide Show presented by Jennifer Smith, and a dance complete with a wooden dance floor and disco ball, it was an amazing weekend.  Photos by Richard Clark.

The future of our sport... This might even be the source of the club name.

Brian Bradner makes his way to the Amateur finish.

Brent Betker makes it look easy, on his way to 2nd place Expert for the day.

Dave George is just a few feet from taking 1st place Amateur!

Tim Moore and Tim Stoner (our Prez) in search of a double zero at a tie-breaker check.

Tim Stoner on his way to 2nd Amateur for the day.

Rod Lowell on his way to 2nd Masters for the day.

Wayne Cook slices the rock section like butter.

Mike "Coondog" Cooney demonstrates how to use boulders as a burm, on his way to 3rd Expert for the day.

Steve Boudreaux at the top of the hill, dropping into a tie-breaker check.

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