1st Annual Hornswoggle Enduro
October 7th, 2007

This year's event was held at Searles Station, near Ridgecrest.

The event was hosted by The Plaids (Jay and Brent Betker, Larry Ensign, Van Richardson, Dave Criswell, Dave Fritsch, and their families).  Hornswoggle means to be cheated, deceived, robbed.  They laid out an excellent course and used every time keeping trick in the book to hold up to the event name.  Photos by Shawnna and Amanda Rumrill.


Thomas Moore on his way to a first place Novice X finish.


Dave George can't resist a good photo op.  On a later loop this photo op was used to sucker folks into burning the next check, which was Dave Fritsch hiding behind a bush not 200 feet from the ladies snapping the photos!  I believe they got a few.

Thane and Dakota Rivers make their way through the SoCal desert.

Another rider on the gas.

Steve Boudreaux saving tread on his front tire.

Courney Boudreaux sets up for the turn ahead.

Rod Lowell leads his son Colin on their way to First Place Masters and First Place Novice for the day.  Where's the dust?  Oh yeah, one of the bennies of being on minute one.

DJ Schul wheelies his way to a Second Place finish in the Amateur class.

David Campbell gives the "hang 10" sign to the photo crew.

Dust never stops Robert Wranosky from giving everyone a good show.

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