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4th annual The Good, The Bad, and The Rocky Enduro


This was one heck of an event packed weekend for sure! This year's outing was held at Cougar Buttes, near Lucerne Valley, CA.  Photos by The Momma Nelson

It all started Saturday morning with a GPS Poker Run, which had folks hunting down
their tickets like a Geocaching event. The pic above shows the Walkers, Chiassons,
Cressy, and the Moores taking a break at one of the locations.

The Beginner / Powder Puff event was held on Saturday.
Hannah Ribeneck carded a great score to take 1st Powder Puff.

Ian McNabb charges through a tight wash section on his way to 1st Beginner!

That afternoon the "Fun n' Games" began, starting with the "Cup of Water" race.
The Objective: traverse the course without spilling a drop!

Jon Walker navigates the first turn above.

Next was the "Circle" race. This consisted of several heat races building
up to the Main Event. A lot of dizzy participants on this one ;-o

Contestants line up for the "Slow" race.
The Objective: be the last one across the finish line, and don't dab!

You would think a Rekluse clutch would help in this event?
Brett Ribeneck doing his best to scrub toward the finish line.

"Red Light / Green Light" was next. This was definitely an exciting event!

The "Backwards" race is always a crowd favorite. There's probably a reason
they mean for you to ride the bike in one direction!

The Fun n' Games were wrapped up with the "Blind Man's Bluff" race.
The Objective: you're blind folded, and your passenger tells you how to navigate the course.
John and Rose Minnock making the third turn here. Rose's technique of keeping
her eyes closed too, seemed to work well for their team ;-)



It wouldn't be President's Day Weekend, without TWMC's very own President,
Thom McNabb, and First Lady, Mrs. Reed (Genn), attacking the course.

Saturday night we all enjoyed Supercross Live on the side of the Moore Bros Racing trailer.

Sunday's Enduro course was epic. You could tell our Trail Bosses put a lot of
thought into this one. Brent Betker showed us all why he holds the #1 Masters
plate in TWMC. He put in another stellar ride taking 1st Masters and 1st Overall!

Thomas Moore was the only other rider to zero the entire course, placing
2nd Masters. The local judges gave him all 10's for style!

Sean Moore stopped to pick up his roll chart holder, which cost him a point on Loop 3.
He was still able to put in a solid ride, earning him 3rd Overall and 1st Expert for the day.

Dave Barrar lost the course for a short bit on Loop 1, which cost him a couple of minutes ;-o
He came back with both barrels blasting and took home 2nd Expert.

Wayne Cook returns to club competition after taking a few years off.
Looking good as ever, he roosted his way to 1st Amateur.

Garret Judge is always ready for a photo op... he launched his way to 2nd Amateur.

Jay Betker had a strong ride, and pulled another one out of the
hat, to finish 1st Super Senior, in a very competitive class.

Dick Cressy came in just seconds away from Jay, for 2nd Super Senior.

Tim Meade had a great ride going, slice'n and dice'n through the rocks at Cougar Buttes.
He stayed on his game and topped his class, coming in 1st Novice.

Jarret Nelson had his debut in the Novice X class, and set the standard only dropping
13 seconds, just a few seconds ahead of his brother, for 1st Novice X.

Monday morning everyone that stayed over was treated to a huge breakfast
pot-luck affair. Great food and great company. That was followed by the
Junior event, which was enjoyed by all.

Thanks again to all of the efforts of our Trail Bosses, and company. Trail Bosses
shown above: Rod McInnis, Thom McNabb, John Minnock,
Chris Whiting, and Dennis Minnock.

Another great outing with a truly great club!

Last Updated: February, 2012

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